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Why Do They Use Diesel in Large Vehicles Instead of Petrol?

Why do they use diesel in large vehicles rather that petrol? Many people complain about rising fuel prices, but the truth is that diesel fuel does not cause the same pollution problems as petrol does. In fact, diesel engines are 33 percent more fuel efficient than gasoline. But this does not mean that diesel is better for the environment. It simply means that large trucks can use it more efficiently. And large trucks are not the only vehicles that use diesel. Small cars can also use it, but it is not as common.

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One reason why diesel engines have greater torque at low revs is because they don’t need long strokes to achieve high compression. With petrol, each stroke of the piston has to travel a long distance before it’s fully rotated. A diesel, on the other hand, can add a large amount of fuel at low revs. That means that a diesel engine has a more efficient way to move big, heavy loads.

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While both types of fuel are equally efficient, diesel is more fuel-efficient for large vehicles because of the compression ratio. Diesel fuel is more efficient in terms of thermal efficiency than gasoline, which translates to greater torque figures. This means that diesel vehicles can travel longer distances, and fuel stops become less frequent. Further, the high compression ratios of diesel engines make them suitable for large trucks. But this isn’t the only reason why diesel engines are preferred for such large vehicles.

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