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Which Jobs Don’t Require Any Education?

Which jobs don’t require any education? There are plenty of ways to get a good salary without completing college. You can start a business if you don’t have any formal education. For example, you can be a carpenter, do grounds keeping, security, or even operate an air conditioning system or a computer. But it’s important to keep in mind that some of these jobs can be dangerous and require a certain amount of literacy.

Fortunately, many high-paying jobs don’t require a degree, even if you’re working in an office. Sales, software development, and real estate can all pay well without a degree. Auto repair is another good example. Although employers often look for people who have knowledge of cars and have training, you don’t have to have a college degree to get the job. Many employers offer education on the job to ensure you’re successful and can do the work.

Depending on the industry, an apprenticeship or college degree is required for this job. Apprentices would replace the teacher, so you’d need to have some experience in the field. You’ll need a high school diploma and relevant work experience to be a financial advisor. A salary of $45,000 to $70,000 per year is common for this job. A degree is not necessary to be a successful carpenter, but it does help to have a solid knowledge of the field.

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An apprenticeship in plumbing or HVAC is another great option. Apprenticeships are two to five years, but they’re inexpensive. Maintenance workers are often required to have a college degree, but some have just a high school diploma. Alternatively, you can work as an insurance agent and sell suitable insurance cover based on your clients’ needs. An insurance agent does not need a college degree, although many have a college diploma. But a bachelor’s degree in business-related field is a big advantage, too.

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