What is the Worst Way You Were Screwed Over by a Cruise Line?

Have you ever been on a cruise and felt like you were getting screwed? Have you ever gotten the “discount” on a room only to discover it was sold out? If so, you’ve probably been ripped off by a cruise line. Is it possible that they were penny-pinching, and didn’t have the best information on their ships? Or, did you simply get stuck with a horrible room on the ship? If so, don’t worry, you’re not alone.

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Some cruise lines have a culture of underpaying their crew, and many of those people make their living by collecting tips from passengers. These crew members are often paid by tax-paying guests who don’t know what they’re doing. Many cruise lines have forced their tax-paying guests to foot the bill for their employees. Some cruise lines have even raised the automatic gratuities that guests pay to the crew instead of allowing them to keep the tips. This has led to a backlash from some passengers, who are unwilling to pay auto-gratuities to the crew.

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How many times did you get screwed over by a cruise line on your last trip? The cruise industry has an anti-union attitude and has systematically stripped crew members of their legal rights. Most of the cruise companies are foreign corporations with headquarters in Miami. In many cases, these companies benefit from loopholes in the tax code. If you’ve been screwed by a cruise line on a cruise, you’ll want to remember this: no one likes to get ripped off. Luckily, there are legal ways to fight back.

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