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What Do ENTJs Do for Entertainment Fun?

ENTJs like the thrill of action. They may enjoy extreme sports and adventurous foods. They also like to be around people with diverse backgrounds and enjoy international travel. ENTJs are attracted to fields of study that are challenging and require them to take on many new challenges. Those who have a strong competitive nature often find success in sports and other activities requiring a steep learning curve. This is an excellent way to keep them entertained during long flights or long trips.

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ENTJs may find it difficult to deal with practical details. Rather than dealing with these details, they tend to focus on achieving their vision. Their arrogance may make them look cocky when they take over the process and write off ideas that don’t fit into their vision. They may also forget to consider how their actions will affect other people. They will often struggle to follow others.

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ENTJs can get into heated arguments easily. If they feel under attack, they will fight back and defend their point of view. They will get angry at the slightest hint of incompetence, chaos, or laziness. They tend to have long fuses, and when they get irate, they tend to explode. So, when they feel attacked, they’re often not a good idea.

ENTJs can be great partners. Their creative nature means they’ll come up with new ideas for entertainment to keep the relationship fresh and exciting. They’re also never tired of impressing their partners with their energy and enthusiasm. If you’re lucky enough to have a true ENTJ in your life, they’ll stay with you forever. It is likely that they’ll make a wonderful partner for you, but there’s one downside to their creative genius.

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