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valmont israel technologies the combervalmont israel technologies the valmont israel technologies the combervalmont israel technologies the shifting of culture and a new era of understanding has begun as we look towards the future. The valmont israel technology center, an annual conference for candidates, researchers and practitioners of energy industry energy technology companies, including valmont israel technologies, will be hosting a congress on july 10-11 in irish capital city ireland. The projec tions include: – augur Valmont: Investing in a more sustainable future – association of scientists and professionals on energy related issues – energy industry professionals conference conference on energy industry challenges – german sea port security company presentation project cargoes from . At its core, this event focuses on three themes: investing in a sustainable society; looking ahead; and promoting innovation in the energy sector. Here are some highlights from this year’s grand finale: ‘wealth Creation through Technology’ – This theme kicked off with several days of activities by leading global leaders in this field focusing on how taking tech to help people through poverty could provide a much needed boost to growth. In particular, there were many sessions focusing on open innovation, new digital platforms and digital transformation projects. ‘Shifting our Culture to Take into Account Climate Change’ was next with panels discussing ways to adapt our everyday lives to meet increasing demands while maintaining natural resources at an affordable cost. In total

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“The future is here.” That’s the common refrain we hear as we look ahead to the future in this era of rapid innovation, as well as how to respond to new challenges today. However, how do we take action on what will become the next big trend? To help us navigate this difficult path, we compiled a list of recent events that can help you understand where your organization stands on this journey. If you are looking to explore questions such as: What is driving our industry forward? What practices are in place to stave off what will likely be a long and arduous road? How can organizations improve with today’s technology? What have happened recently that show us there is still hope for our industry? Check out these quotes from recent speakers and participants in this year’s event: – Jose Vasquez – Chief Technology Officer at National Grid – Maeve Duffy – Lead Staff Scientist at BT – Dr. Sarah Davies – Senior Mechanical Engineer at Aviosrael Technologies -Jason Perkins – Senior Software Engineer at Helion Software Inc.

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