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Songs With Surprisingly Weird Music Videos

Besides Coldplay, what are some other good songs with surprisingly weird music videos? Here are some ideas:

“Friday” by Ariana Grande is a perfect example. While the song is in a foreign language, you can still sing along. “Friday” is about taking a break, and the music video is hilarious. It’s about taking a break from your everyday life, but this surprisingly weird video will make you smile. And speaking of music videos, how about the song “Friday”?

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Another song with a surprisingly weird music video is “Silver Lining,” by Alice in Chains. The lyrics are remarkably strange, and tell the story of the band’s relationship with a dead girl named “Ethyl.” Ethyl, as she’s called, is preserved in a refrigerator, and Alice and her brother are in love.

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“Jessie’s Girl” by Rick Springfield is another great song that has a surprisingly weird music clip. The band’s parody of Rick Springfield’s “Jessie’s Girl” has some very odd visuals, and the spoken-word delivery and surreal imagery make the song extremely weird. This song’s lyrics were taken from an intense metal song, and the video is so bizarre that it’s hard to believe it’s not real.

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