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While riding the school bus, students should know the basics of road safety. These rules include staying seated, not sticking their bodies out of the window, and standing in line. If they are walking, they should stay on the right side of the road, not the curb. Students should wear light-colored clothing or reflective materials to reflect light during the night. Bright colors are also helpful during the day. Parents should show their children how to properly interpret the traffic signs factnewsph

The best way to make sure your children are not injured on the road is to let them know about road safety. Children are at risk on the road all the time. Their small size makes it difficult to see approaching cars, and some are impulsive or have short attention spans. These characteristics make it difficult for children to interpret sounds and movements of traffic, so they may not be aware of their surroundings. Children are particularly vulnerable to being hit by vehicles or objects when they are not wearing a seat belt.

In addition to teaching students about road safety, schools should also teach children how to cross the road safely. They should always walk on the left side, facing oncoming traffic. They should never sprint across the road, as passing vehicles do not stop for pedestrians, so they should use the sidewalk. Additionally, kids should only cross the road at intersections. This is a crucial safety rule for kids, as they are the most vulnerable demographic on the road partyguise

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