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Key Elements of a Business Casual Outfit

A business casual outfit is very different from your typical jeans and t-shirt ensemble. The key is to look professional but not too casual. This will send the message that you are comfortable and capable of handling business matters. Then again, your outfit does not need to be completely formal either. You can opt for a casual polo shirt or jeans and a t-shirt if you want.

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A business casual outfit begins with a polo or button-down shirt. In general, a polo or dress shirt worn with dark blue jeans is considered business casual. However, a full suit may not fall under this definition. You may choose to wear a sport coat in place of a suit coat. That will still put you in the business casual category. And you can opt for a trim cut polo shirt if you are going to a startup.

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Business casual is an extremely versatile style. While it isn’t a strict dress code, most businesses and environments require a certain level of comfort. Shoes are a must-have. While brown and black are classic choices, bolder colors may make a bolder statement. And if you’re in a business casual environment, make sure to wear neutral-colored socks. Then, a watch is another essential part of a business casual outfit.


Accessories make a business casual outfit complete. A tie bar, flower lapel blossom, belt, and fun pair of socks are all appropriate. You can wear jeans if the environment allows them but make sure to wear dark-wash jeans. Also, avoid ripped jeans and holes in jeans. A business casual outfit should be versatile enough to wear in a variety of environments. It’s easy to find something stylish at a thrift store.


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