Is There A Limit On How Many Times A Debt Collector Can Call Me?

No one likes to receive phone calls from debt collectors. Not only are they annoying, but they can also become rude and intimidating, and some even start threatening you, which is illegal. Many people do not know that there are limits on how many times a debt collector can call you in one day. 

If you believe that a debt collector is crossing their line, you can legally sue them. When you are harassed, you may wonder if you have any rights. The short answer is yes, you do. No matter the amount, the collector is not allowed to harass you by calling you hundreds of times in a day. If they are, a debt collection defense attorney in Chicago can protect your rights. 

Are certain types of calls restricted by the law?

Yes. While it is not illegal for the debt collector to call you, they need to adhere to certain rules. If they fail to comply, you can take legal action. The law prohibits calls and messages:

  • Made between 8:00 a.m. and 9:00 p.m.
  • That does not show a contact phone number or address
  • Made without written consent to the business.
  • That does not show the name of the caller.

Therefore, if you receive a call of one of these types, it counts as harassment. Only calling several times during the day does not mean harassment. 

How many times is a debt collector allowed to call you in one day?

According to the law in Chicago, a debt collector cannot call you more than once per day for each debt. This means that if you have only one debt, you should not have to deal with debt collector calls more than once a day. Similarly, if you have two debts, your collector can only call you twice daily. If they call you more than once per day for each debt, it is illegal and known as harassment. 

Your collector can only call you more than once for the debt if you have asked for a reschedule. For example, if they called you in the morning and you were busy, they can call you later in the evening when you have free time anxnr

Is a debt collector harassing you?

If a debt collector is harassing you by calling several times a day, you are not alone. An attorney can defend you and protect your rights. Contact one today to learn more about your rights and explore your options. 

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