In What Year Do You Think Humanity Will Leave the Solar System?

In what year do you think humanity will leave our solar system? How likely do you think it is that a disaster will kill all humans, thus causing societal collapse? If you think that a disaster will kill 90% of the world population, how likely is it that the remaining 10% will focus on developing advanced technologies? After all, most of humanity has not dealt with a new environment for hundreds of years.

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The Lick-Carnegie Extrasolar Planet Survey is currently underway and is sponsored by NASA and the National Science Foundation. The planet is located twenty light years from Earth and orbits a star within the “habitable zone.”

Despite the recent success of Voyager, future humans might be far from leaving our solar system in a hurry. A spacecraft traveling at 38,027 mph would take more than seventy years to reach the nearest star. Humanity could create arks in interstellar space, storing generations of travelers. This technology would also enable star-hopping colonists to colonize the entire galaxy before the solar system overheats.

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