How Your Truck Accident Attorney in Albuquerque Determines the Viability of Your Accident Claim

Have you sustained injuries in a truck accident? If so, you want to explore your legal options. Truck accidents can result in devastating injuries and damages that include medical bills, lost wages, and pain and suffering. Being a victim, you may not afford the bills and you want to exhaust all means possible to get compensated for your ordeal. This is where an experienced semi accident attorney Albuquerque can help you. Your lawyer can assess your case and provide you with legal advice on your options to recover just compensation. You must schedule a consultation as soon as possible to determine if you have a valid claim. The following are important factors your attorney will consider:

The Fault of the Trucker

After a semi-truck accident, fault must be determined. You can bring a claim if the driver of the truck acted negligently and caused the accident. Negligent actions include distracted driving, drowsy driving, driving under the influence, aggressive driving, and more. 

A semi-truck is extremely heavy and big. A truck driver should obey the law and take precautions to ensure the safety of other motorists they share the road with. Otherwise, they could be held liable for the damages their actions may cause. Apart from the driver, other parties such as the trucking company and truck parts manufacturer can also be held responsible. 

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You Sustained Serious Injuries and Damages

Occupants of smaller vehicles that collide with a truck are at risk of different severe injuries. The more serious your injuries are, the more money your claim will involve. You may be able to pursue compensation for your immediate expenses like medical bills and long-term costs like ongoing treatment and rehabilitation. Such losses can be compounded by your inability to work, increasing your expenses even more.

While you may have the right to pursue compensation, insurance companies always give a fight before they pay claims that involve high damages. An insurer may offer you a small amount of settlement to resolve your claim quickly or dispute liability for the crash. In such cases, you may want to file a lawsuit against the party to recover compensation. Because of the stakes, you must be prepared to take your case to trial with the assistance of your lawyer.


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You Suffered Damages

Apart from the financial costs you are facing after being injured in a truck accident, you could sustain non-economic damages. These include pain and suffering, loss of consortium, mental anguish, and loss of life enjoyment. For instance, if you end up suffering from PTSD, you may have difficulty living an active and meaningful life. A skilled lawyer can calculate the amount of compensation to pursue according to your situation.

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