How Real Are Hubble Telescope Photographs?

While the Hubble telescope has taken some of the most iconic images of the universe, some of the photos may not be entirely real. In this article, we examine the images to find out. We also look at distracting image artifacts and the methods used to capture the images. We’ll also see some images that may be more real than others. What makes Hubble images so extraordinary? Here are some examples.

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A common problem with Hubble images is charge bleed. This happens when the bright light from the distant object overwhelms the detector. Fortunately, Hubble’s imaging detectors use charge-coupled devices, the same technology used in cell phones. Instead of capturing pinpoints of light, Hubble images have a large point spread. Depending on the detector and filter combination used, this light spread may appear as one long streak or as several small pixels.

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A dazzling example of a star cluster is the Lagoon Nebula, a chaotic nursery filled with baby stars. The image of the Lagoon Nebula shows the young star at the center of the nebula, which is 200,000 times brighter than our sun. A similar phenomenon is visible in the Cone Nebula, a turbulent pillar of gas and dust. It spans seven light-years, but Hubble’s camera was installed by the astronauts on board the Hubble space station during its May 2009 upgrade. The image of the Cone Nebula is taken through ultraviolet light, which explains the red glow.

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The colors in Hubble images are a blend of different wavelengths. In fact, Hubble’s photos are enhanced versions of celestial objects. These images contain more light than we can see with the naked eye, but they are hardly “real.”

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