How Much Does it Cost to Run a Cruise Ship Every Day?

How much does it cost to run a cruising ship? The answer to this question varies greatly, depending on the type of ship and its size. An average ship has an annual operating cost of more than $59 million, which includes both finance and operating costs. The total cost of operating a ship includes the wages and benefits of crew and officers, fuel, depreciation and amortization, commissions, transportation and other costs.

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In addition to fuel, other expenses on a cruise ship include food and beverage service, activities and tours that take place before and after the cruise, special insurance and staff costs. Food expenses are another big expense for cruise ships, as they provide meals for both passengers and crew. Since ships can have 5,000 passengers and crew, food expenses can be a big factor in operating costs. However, there are many ways to cut costs on board a cruise ship.

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The amount of fuel consumed per day depends on the size of the ship and its speed. Large cruise ships use about 250 tones of fuel per day, and the cost of fuel is approximately $187,500 per day. Fuel costs are rising, and the average ship burns between $700 and $750 per tone. A large cruise ship can easily burn through 250 tones of fuel per day, which is more than $2 million a year. Other operating costs are the cost of crew salaries, insurance, and maintenance.

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