How Dark Is Space Between Solar Systems?

Interstellar space would be pitch-black if it didn’t have planets. There are other sources of light, including Earth’s atmosphere and the solar wind. Occasionally, these sources produce aurora near Earth’s poles. Cosmic rays are the result of supernova explosions outside our solar system. Despite their dim nature, they still add up to background light. However, the astronomers have yet to determine the origin of these particles.

Scientists have long wondered how dark space between solar systems is. Recent studies have shown that the space between solar systems isn’t as dark as many people thought. New Horizons, an astronomical mission that explores space beyond Pluto, has given them a new perspective on the phenomenon. According to their research, the background light from the universe was more than twice as bright as originally thought. This is a humbling insight into the vastness of the universe, which isn’t as dark as we thought.

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The outer edge of the heliosphere is 4.1 billion miles away from Earth, so a single Pioneer probe would deviate about five feet in the direction of its target. But this would be minimal in comparison to a probe that would orbit Pluto in 40 years. Similarly, a Pioneer 10 probe would deviate by five feet, due to dark matter. And that would only be the tip of the iceberg.

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