Find Casual Sex Near You in Portland

If you’re in the Portland area, but are unsure where to go to find some casual sex, check out our guide to Portland. You’ll find Portland women in all ages and backgrounds. From twenty-one years old to the fifties, we’ve got you covered. Plus, our Portland site includes profiles of women as young as twenty-one. Check out our recommendations for Clyde Common, Bailey’s Taproom, Rontoms, and Sanctuary.

Clyde Common

If you’re looking for a hip, casual date night in the heart of Portland, you’ve come to the right place. Clyde Common has the perfect mix of chic and casual. It’s got a fun atmosphere and an extensive menu of food options. The service is impeccable, and the food is equally enticing. You can expect an evening filled with fun and flirty conversations. Afterward, head to the bar for drinks or a late-night snack.

Portland men are loose and open when it comes to casual sex. In fact, according to the Mercury Sex Survey, 40% of Portland men have had more than fifteen sex partners. These men know how to get to climax quickly and are friendly, weird, and a little strange. While men are open to casual sex, it’s better to show interest in topics you both enjoy. Men in Portland are also friendly and genuinely interested in the neighbors.

Bailey’s Taproom

For a laid back night out, try Bailey’s Taproom in Portland. This casual sex venue features rotating beer taps, board games, and a friendly atmosphere. Portland’s strip clubs are known for their patriarchal attitudes and tolerant attitudes towards female sexuality. A trip to one of these clubs will leave you a changed woman, and the night is guaranteed to be unforgettable.

Since Bailey’s Taproom has been around since 2007, the bar has been a popular spot in Portland for gay and lesbian men. Its stellar lineup of rotating taps quickly made it popular with Portland beer lovers and tourists. Popular events held at Bailey’s included the New Oregon Breweries Showcase during Portland Beer Week and Brewpublic’s KillerBeerFest. Bailey’s will close for the time being but is hoping to re-open next year.


If you’re looking for a gay bar in Portland that’s not packed with people waiting on Tinder swipes, consider a trip to Rontoms, a hipster hangout that boasts a fantastical loft filled with beautiful extroverts. Portland’s most famous gay bar even features free live music on Sunday nights, which is another good reason to visit.

The girls here are mainly White Americans, although you can find a few Asians and Hispanics. Most have light brown hair and dark blue eyes, and a meaty body, while Asians are typically shorter, with a small frame and black hair. Latinas are brunette with dark eyes and tight curves. Generally, Portland gay men are friendly and sociable, so expect to find plenty of men who are hospitable and willing to indulge.


For those of you living in Portland and you can find hookups in Portland and searching for casual sex, this city has a number of adult venues. The city is environmentally friendly, has over 600k people, and offers a diverse range of activities and venues. Portland also has thousands of acres of parks and natural areas where you can go for an afternoon of outdoor sex. It is the perfect city for both men and women to find each other.

You can also look up single women in Portland through online dating sites. There are plenty of beautiful Portland pussies online, and you can find one in your area that is open to casual sex. You can even look for Portland pussies by ethnicity – many Portlanders are open to meeting men from other cultures and ethnicities. But before you start meeting Portland pussies, be sure to mention your location – many of these women are actively looking for men from outside the city.

BDSM clubs

There are several BDSM clubs in Portland, Oregon. Although the club is primarily for BDSM singles, it welcomes non-BDSM singles as well. BDSM clubs in Portland sometimes have more singles than couples. This is because many couples view BDSM sex as a natural practice. While having sex with a third party does not necessarily involve feelings of love, it allows couples to explore their sexual freedom. Moreover, dissociating love from carnal pleasure is one of the most effective ways to keep a committed relationship.

Portland is home to many BDSM clubs and groups, including Vancouver and PDX Queer Munch. There are BDSM clubs in Portland for each subgroup of kink culture. BDSM clubs in Portland will hold events if there are enough members to fill the venue. However, it’s best to check the website before attending a club, as some of them may not cater to a specific group.

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