Dreaming About a Birthday Cake

A cake is not a regular food for most of us. However, we feel special when we receive a birthday cake. It is one of the few occasions in our life where we are able to request a cake. Similarly, a legless child can do anything because he has a strong internal core and is willing to accept whatever intellect and knowledge he can get.

Blow out the candles on your birthday. You’ve probably heard that blowing out a cake candle brings good luck. However, this may have nothing to do with love or marriage. You’ll find it hard to blow out a cake if you can’t take a breath. Taking a big breath before blowing out the candles will increase your chances of success. It also helps to imagine what kind of day you’d want to have. If you’re a girl, you want a cake to represent the day you turned 21.

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Dreaming about a cake is a mix of good and bad news. A cake can symbolize a wonderful occasion, but it can also mean a painful experience or a relationship that ended badly. It can also symbolize the temptation of overindulging and a need for love. This dream is a great reminder to pray and avoid bitter relationships. So, if you dream about a birthday cake, you can expect a positive outcome in your life.

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