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Corporate Events That Will Make Your Employees Happy

There are a number of ways to add a bit of fun to a corporate event, including a social media wall. Employees can post their images with a hashtag and have them projected onto the wall. You can collect these photos for your team bulletin or company newsletter. If you’re looking to bring a different type of event to your company, try organizing a yoga class in-house. Yoga teachers often have group rates.

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Live artists can add a unique touch to your event. A live artist can create paintings, silhouettes, or caricatures of attendees. You don’t need to hire an expensive artist to create a live artwork, but it does add some fun. Incorporated into a corporate event, a live artist can add value to the event without breaking the bank. Shantell Martin, an artist at the KCA Black Ball, created a live art installation for the event.  This is very informative picuki info where you can find more information.

Incorporate employee appreciation into your corporate event. Many companies now take care of employees’ outside lives beyond work. They invest in their education, career skills, health, and culture. Corporate events that highlight these things can help create a healthy team. It’s worth putting a little thought into what type of event you plan. Consider the following ideas and try one for yourself:

Try a unique event to boost employee morale. You can use small pieces of entertainment strategically throughout the event, such as a portrait artist at a cocktail bar, a mime wandering through the event, or a circus performer working on the front lawn. You can also throw a potluck barbecue or a weekend sports tournament. Either way, you can do something fun, and make it memorable.

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