Can Two Players Have the Same Number in College Football?

If two players have the same number, they cannot be on the field at the same time. The same is true in American football, where the offensive and defensive teams share the same number. In college football, a player cannot wear the same number on more than one team. That is a rule set forth by the NCAA. However, some schools have implemented reward systems to determine who gets a duplicate number.

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A team can have two players with the same jersey number, but it must be a different one, and the two players cannot wear the same numbers on the same down. Changing a number in mid-game is not allowed. This new rule will help the NCAA prevent confusion between multiple players who share the same number on a field. But, what if two players have the same number? It would be a shame if two players on the same team had the same jersey number.

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In college, Jordan Ellis wore the number 10 before he joined the NFL. He wanted to wear number one, but settled for the number 10. Donte Wilkins, the second overall pick in the NFL draft, desperately wanted the No. 1 but ended up with the number 93. Luckily, he had to take a wait-and-see approach in the NFL draft. Neither player’s numbers had any effect on their draft positions.

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