Can I Buy Candy With Food Stamps?

Can I buy candy with food stamps? Yes, you can. There are some restrictions, though. Some candy, including chocolate, isn’t on the WIC list. Other foods are exempt from SNAP, including hot dogs, sodas, and candy. If you’re in doubt, ask your provider. They should be able to help you. And if you’re not sure, check with the center for responsible politics.

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SNAP benefits can be used for similar purchases such as gift baskets. However, the items must contain at least 50% of edible content. They do not count if they comprise more than half of the cost. The USDA gives the example of a stuffed holiday bear with a small chocolate package inside, or a gift basket with mostly meat. It’s important to check the USDA’s guidelines before buying anything with SNAP benefits.

There are some limitations, though. While food stamps can be used to buy candy, they can’t be used to purchase decorations for a wedding cake. Besides, a fancy wedding cake may cost more than the edible part. You can use food stamps to purchase a small Valentine’s Day bear and a large box of chocolates. The same is true for Christmas candy tins.

The Food and Nutrition Act of 2008 has some specific rules. For example, alcohol and tobacco products are not allowed to be bought with SNAP benefits. Other prohibited items include seeds, plants, and cosmetics. While you can buy some candy with food stamps, you can’t purchase energy drinks, sodas, or snacks with 50% edible content. If you have an energy drink, however, you can purchase them with food stamps.

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