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Atomico, the venture capital firm founded by Skype co-founder Niklas Zennström, recently announced that it had raised $820 million for its fifth fund, with $750 million earmarked for early-stage investments worddocx and $70 million for later-stage growth investments. This marks one of the largest funds raised by a European venture capital firm and reflects the growing interest in early-stage startups in the region.

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Atomico was founded in 2006 with the aim of identifying and investing in European startups with global potential. Since hdxwallpaper then, the firm has invested in more than 130 companies, including household names such as Klarna, Supercell, and UiPath. Atomico’s investment focus is on companies that are leveraging technology to solve significant problems across industries such as healthcare, energy, and finance.

Atomico’s fifth fund comes at a time when the European startup ecosystem is booming, with more than $40 billion in venture telesup capital investment in the region in 2021 alone. This growth is driven by several factors, including the increasing number of successful European startups, favorable regulatory environments, and a growing pool of talented entrepreneurs and engineers.

With its latest fund, Atomico aims to continue its support for early-stage startups while also investing in growth-stage happn companies. The firm has a track record of investing in companies at various stages of development, from seed to late-stage, and has a strong network of advisors, entrepreneurs, and investors to support its portfolio companies.

Atomico’s Investment Thesis

Atomico’s investment thesis is focused on identifying companies that are solving big problems using technology. The roobytalk firm looks for companies with strong product-market fit, a talented team, and a clear path to growth and scale. Atomico has a particular interest in companies that are leveraging artificial intelligence, blockchain, and other cutting-edge technologies to disrupt traditional industries.

In addition to its investment focus, Atomico has also been a strong advocate for diversity and inclusion in the tech industry. The firm has implemented several initiatives aimed at increasing diversity in its portfolio companies, including a pledge to prioritize diversity in its hiring and investment decisions.

Portfolio Companies

Atomico’s portfolio includes some of the most successful European startups in recent years, such as:

  1. Klarna: A Swedish fintech company that offers online payments, financing, and other financial services.
  2. UiPath: A Romanian robotic process automation company that automates repetitive and mundane tasks.
  3. Supercell: A Finnish mobile gaming company that has created hit games such as Clash of Clans and Hay Day.
  4. Healx: A UK-based healthcare company that uses artificial intelligence to accelerate drug discovery for rare diseases digitalnewshour.
  5. Arrival: A UK-based electric vehicle company that is developing zero-emission commercial vehicles.

In addition to its successful investments, Atomico has also been a leading voice in the European tech ecosystem, advocating for policies and initiatives that support the growth of startups in the region odishadiscoms.


Atomico’s latest fundraise highlights the growing interest in early-stage startups in Europe and the region’s potential as a hub for technology innovation. With its strong track record of identifying and investing in successful startups, as well as its commitment to diversity and inclusion, Atomico is well-positioned to continue supporting the growth of the European tech ecosystem. The firm’s investment focus on companies that are leveraging cutting-edge technologies to solve significant problems across industries positions it at the forefront of the next wave of European startups. Overall, Atomico’s latest fund is a significant milestone for the European tech ecosystem, and its impact will be felt for years to come vegamovies.

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